Manufactures an assortment of electronics terminal, lead wire and pins
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Test Criteria

To guarantee the quality of our products and insure the integrity of our quality.

Our company employ QS 9000/ISO 9002 criteria, implemented the following test method:

  1. Incoming raw materials examination & test procedure (P-QA1001)
  2. In-process production examination & test procedure (P-QA1002)
  3. Final examination & test procedure (P-QA1003)

Criteria of drawing sample:

  1. Raw material (wire) C=0, does not allow one spool and above to have defect (W-SA06XX)
  2. Finished product semi finish product:Outer appearance according to MIL-STD-105E, Level II AQL table 0.4% drawing sample, & comparing it with the approve product sample standard (W-QA10XX)
    Size:Drawing 22pcs from each lot, C=0
    Packing:According to specification indicated in drawing, C=0.
  3. According to customers specification, drawing sample from their instruction.

Process capability:The process capacity of our company compare to average is CPK>=1.33

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We also have made to order according to customers requirement in raw material, size of wire, shapes, sizes, plating and packing compliance.

ISO 9002/QS-9000 Certified

Our company employ
ISO 9002/QS-9000 criteria

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