Manufactures an assortment of electronics terminal, lead wire and pins
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Major manufacturing equipment

Cold forging machine
Quantity:100 units
Item: Lead wire, pinc
Maximum production output: 1000KK per month

Heavy duty cold forging machine
Quantity: 6 units
Item: Lead wire
Maximum production output: 25KK per month

SMD cold forging machine

Quantity: 37 units
Item: Slug
Maximum production output: 127KK per month

Machine for wire product fabrication

Quantity: 21 units
Item: Pin
Maximum production output: 317KK per month

Special type of machine for wire product fabrication
Quantity: 10 units
Item: Pin
Maximum production output: 43KK per month

Various types of cold forging machine
Quantity: 26 units
Item: Lead Wire, Pin
Maximum production output: 168KK per month

Subsidiary manufacturing equipment

Heating furnace
Electric reel saw
Electric saw
Table type grinding machine
Grinding machine
Grind cutting machine
Milling machine
Drilling machine
Precision drilling machine
Lathe machine
Movable drilling machine
Electronic tig
Welding machine
Hand held grinder
Press machine
Material feeder

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We also have made to order according to customers requirement in raw material, size of wire, shapes, sizes, plating and packing compliance.

ISO 9002/QS-9000 Certified

Our company employ
ISO 9002/QS-9000 criteria

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